A Pasal Thingkung Thawn Kum 3 Sung An Neiaw Thlang Ih A Thiksia Lo Zet

2019 kum ah England, Merseyside khua ih um Kate Cunningham in pasal ah thingkung anei, kutsihnak khal an tuah ih a sungkhat le rualpi pawlin an telpi.

A pasal thingkung hi kum upa zet a si ih an neihawk hnuah Kate in a last name ah Elder tin a thleng. A pasal thingkung cu Rimrose Valley Country Park sungih um a si ih zarhkhat ah vei 5 ava tong ṭheu. Kate hi nuthlawi a si ih fate pahnih anei zo, a fale pawl khalin an pa-ei thingkung cu an ngaina zet.

An neihawknak hi kum 3 a kim thlang ih kumthum sungah buainak zianghman an nei dah lo ih an karlak buruak hi a ṭha zet. Kate Cunningham in, “Tuikum cun Christmas veithum kan hmangtlang thlang ding. Christmas caan anai thlang ruangah ka va cei ih a lang mawi tuk” a ti.

A pasal thingkung hi a thikthu a sia lo zet, hitin an neihawk lai khalah Kate Cunningham in tlangval dang aneihsan nan a thik cuang lo. A tlangval khalin pasal thingkung nei lai a si ti a thei ko nan a cohlang thotho ih an pahnih in thingkung cu an va ṭong ṭheu ih Kate Cunningham in a pasal thingkung cu a hnam ih a pom tik khalah a tlangval in a thik ve lo ih arak zuk sawn.

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