A Tlangval Ih Nu A Thi Ih A Tlangval Cu Umngaihnak A Thei Lo, A Tlangval A Seherh Tuk Ruangah A Pa Thawn An Neiaw

Nunau pakhat in a tlangval hrangih a pekawknak cu Suara thuthang ah an tarlang ih mipi in an lawm zet.

A tlangval ih nu cu a damlo ringring hnuah a thi, curuangah a tlangval cu umngaihnak a thei nawn lo. Hringtu a nu cu a ngai tuk ih a ṭap ringring, a fala khal a ruat thei nawn lo.

Cutin a tlangval riatsia ih aum ringring cu a hmu thei nawn lo ih a nu si dingin pum a peaw. A tlangval hrangah ziangkim a tuah huam thu a rel.

Nunau cun “Ka tlangval ih nu a thi, ka tlangval hi riahsia ih aum ringring ding cu ka siang lo. Curuangah a pa thawn neiaw dingin thuthluknak ka tuah ih ka tlangval in nu a neisal ding” a ti.

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