Africa Team Pakhat Cu Anmai Lamah Goal 41 An Sit Goal Ruangah Damsung Bawlung Sit An Kham

Mai lam ih bawlung veikhat sit goal cu tisual pang a si, veihnih sit goal cu daithlang ruangah a si. Vei 41 rori sit goal cu an lawmman tuk.

Kan dung thla sungah South Africa ram ah bawlung sit zuamawknak an nei. Nsami Mighty Birds le Matiyasi FC pawl bawlung an sit ih Matiyasi FC in 59-1 in nehnak an co.

Nsami Mighty Birds team pawlin anmai lamah goal 41 an sit goal, Nsami Mighty Birds team ah minung 4 in red card an ngah ih minung 7 lawngin a cemnet tiang bawlung an sitsuak.

Nsami Mighty Birds team pawl cu zohdiktu referee parah an lungawi lo tuk ruangah anmai lamah an sit goal ciamco. Curuangah Nsami Mighty Birds team cu damsung bawlung sit nawn lo dingin į¹­uanvo neitu pawlin an kham.

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