Baseball League An Zohnak Hmaiah A Fala Neihawk A Sawm Ih Arak Cohlang Lo

Tlangval pakhat in July 15 zanah a fala neihawk a sawm ih arak cohlang lo lai video cu tulai ah a lar zet. US, Polar Park ih thilthleng a si.

Baseball League an zoh laitak ah mipi hmaiah a fala cu ava dingpi ih neihawk a sawm cu mipi in an rak lawm tuk ih an au ciamco, asinan fala in a cohlang lo ih a lu a thing hnuah a tlansan.

A zohtu minung an tamtuk ih an thil hmuh cu mak an ti zet. Online mipi pawlin “Minung tamnak hmai ih neihawk nan sawm ding asilen a lo “Yes” ding ti 100% percent nan theihfiang hnu lawngah sawm uh” tin an comment.

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