Bishop In, “PDF Pawl Meithal Ret Uh, Meithal In Buainak A Cinfel Thei Lo Ih Buainak A Sosang Ter Sawn” A Ti

Myanmar ramsung ih Catholic Bishop president Charles Bo in Christmas lawmnak puai ah Min Aung Hlaing an sawm ih laksawng khal an peaw. Curuangah a Twitter account cu hlonhlo sak a si.

Independent Catholics for Justice in Myanmar (ICJM) in, “RC member zaten aiawh a si lo, kan riah a sia tuk. Ziangvek simfiang awknak um khalsehla ralhrang thawn tongaw tu cu nasa zetin kan dokalh a si” an ti.

December 26, 2021 ah Bishop Charles Bo in Myanmar ramsung buainak cu mirang ca in a pholang, ralhrang in sualnak neilo khuasung mi pawl an urkang, mipi cu sahimnak hawlin hmun dangdang ah an tlan.

Ralhrang pawl khal mipi inn le lo, biakinn pawl siatsuah nawn hlah uh. Mipi kilhimtu le PDF pawl nan meithal ret uh, meithal hi buainak cinfelnak a si lo ih buainak a sosang ter sawn. Daiten buainak hi cinfel tum sawn uh” a ti.

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