British 2 Cu Zuri In Hla An Sak Rero Laiah Thailand Pa In Nam In A Sat, Pakhat A Thi

Thailand ramsung ih thilthleng hi a rapthlak zet. British mipa 2 cu Thailand ram ah an va tlawng ih Kanchanaburi vengsung ah an um.

January 22, 2022 zingpit ah zuri zetin hla an sak rero laiah vengsung ih tlangval kum 23 mi in nam in ava sat ciamco ih pakhat cu a thi, pakhat sawn khal hliamhma tuar in siizung ah an tuamhlawm rero lai.

Mithi cu Kevin Dagnan a si ih fate 2 anei zo. Vengsung ih um pakhat in, “An pathum in an nel’aw zet, ahlan ah zu an intlang ṭheu ih an capoh aw ringring” a ti.

Tualsung palik pawlin tualthattu cu an kai, vengsung mipi pawlin tualthattu cu a thluak a kimlo ruangah a buai ṭheu’ an ti.

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