“Cakuat Delete Leuhleuh, Koppi Kiangih Phone Ret Ngam Lo Pawl Cu Mibum Hmang, Rinum Lo An Si” A Ti Ruangah Online Mipi Pawl An El’aw Ciamco

Tuisan cu phone le online san a si ih kan caan tam sawn cu online sungah kan hmangliam.

TikTok khawvel ih hminthang Jill timi nu in “Rinum lonak cu a phunphun in aum, cakuatmi pawl na delete leuhleuh & na koppi kiangah na phone na ret ngam lo asilen mibum hmang, rinum lo na si zo” tin a tarlang.

A tarlang hnu reilote ah online mipi in vei 85,000 zat an zoh man ih minung 4,400 in like an pe, minung a thawngtel in an comment.

Mi ṭhenkhat in “A dik lo top, kum 35 sung kan neiaw zo ih phone kan zohter aw dah lo. Ka phone khal a zoh dah lo ih a phone khal ka zoh dah fawn lo. Phone cu bulpak ta (private) a si” an ti.

Ṭhenkhat cun “a dik tuk, koppi/nupa cu pumkhat an si ih ziangkim tawmaw tawn ding an si” an ti ve thung. Bern Wind timi in “Phone space (hmunram) a khat tuk ding ka phang ruangah cakuat cu ka delete leuhleuh, rinum lonak lam a si lo” a ti. (# Ziangtin na ruat?)

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