Caw Pawl Cu Cet Mitkharh An Kharhter Ih Ramlak Ih Um Ah An Ruat Aw

Turkey, Aksaray khua ih um pacang Izzet Kocak ih thiltuah hi a ṭha tuk tin mipi in an fak rero. Caw tampi a vulh ih a caw pawl cu tulai thiamnak in an harhdamnak a tuah ṭhah.

Cet mitkharh Virtual Reality Goggles a kharhter ih ramlak ih um ah an ruataw. Caw 2 ah a saan lawk ih mitkharh kharh ve lo caw pawl aiin an harhdamnak a ṭha sawn ti a theithei.

Curuangah a caw pawl cu cet mitkhart a kharhter vivo ih nitinten ramlak ih um vekin an ruataw, an eimi khal hramhring, hram note ei ah an ruataw ih an kaa khal a thaw thei zet.

Cun awnmawi music nemten a play sak ṭheu ih an khuaruahnak khal a thianfaiter, curuangah a caw pawlin a hlan hnakin hnawiti an nei tam sawn. Nikhat ah cawhnawi litres 22 ihsin litres 27 cu a nei thei ringring.

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