CDF Cu Chin Person of The Year Ah Hriltling A Si

Chin Youth Organization of North America (CYONA) in tuikum 2021 hrang Chin Person of the Year hrilnak an nei ih Chinland Defense Force (CDF) an hriltling. CYONA in “2021 kum ih kan thilton cu kumdang vek a si lo. Covid-19 damlonak siseh, kan ramsung buainak pawl ruangah Chin miphun hrangah kan har laitak caan a si.

Curuangah CYONA in Chin Person of the Year a hrildan khal kum dang aiin a dang deuh in kan tuah. Hi harsat lai caan ah kan miphun hrangah pumpak in siseh, pawlkom hnaṭuannak in siseh, lamzin phunphun in thilṭha tuahtu tampi nan um, upatnak pek ding khal tampi nan um.

Mipi ruahnak pekmi le CYONA upa pawl ih tawlreknak in Person of the Year hriltu pawlkom in 2021 Chin Person of the Year cu Chinland Defense Force (CDF) hnenah kan pe. CDF cu kan Chin miphun luatnak ding hrangah ralṭha zetzet in miphun le ram kilvengtu an si, an nunnak tiang a petu an si.

Hlanlai kan pilepu miralṭha pawlin mirang British ralkap pawl an rak do vekin tui caan khalah CDF pawlin Kawl ralkap ṭha lo pawl an do ve. Kan Chin miphun in pupa ram kan neihsunmi kilven ding, kilvengtu ding kan si.

CYONA in Chin ramsung hmunkip ih an dinmi CDF-Tonzang, ZFU, CNDF, CDF- Thantlang, CDF- Hakha, CDF – Zophei, CDF – Lautu, CDF – Zotung, CDF – Mara, CDF – Matupi, CDF – Mindat, CDF – Kanpetlet, CDF – Palehwa, CDF – KKG pawl hnenah upatnak kan pe. Kan miphun le kan ram nan kilvennak le nunnak nan pekmi parah CYONA in upatnak kan lo pe” tin an tarlang.

Chin Person of the Year Announcement: 2021 has been an unlikely year for many of us. From the Covid-19 pandemic to the political turmoil in our native land, Burma, we experienced unprecedented times. Likewise, choosing the CYONA Chin Person of the Year has been unlike previous years.

Our committee had a difficult task as we realized that there are many individuals and organizations deserving of this recognition this year. The challenging events brought many individuals and organizations who stepped up to help their fellow brothers and sisters all over the world.

After considering inputs from the public and local CYO chapters’ leaders, the committee picked CDF as 2021 Chin Person of the Year. We are reminded of the sacrifices of so many CDF members, many of whom have given the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for Chin people.

Just as our Chin forefathers took up arms against the British invaders, ordinary Chin civilians fought and continue to fight the Burmese invaders. As one of the founders of the Union of Burma, Chin people have a sacred duty to defend our people and land against domestic and foreign enemies. CYONA is proud of all CDF members and congratulates CDF members as 2021 Chin Person of the Year.

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