China Ah Veihnih Rori Ling A Hnin, Mithi Le Hliamtuar An Um

China ramsung ah veihnih rori ling a hnin ih mithi le hliamtuar an um. May 21 zanah veikhat ling a hnin, Myanmar ramri Yunnan Province ah ling a hnin ih linghnin thazang cu 7.3-magnitude hrawngin a cak.

Minung 3 an thi ih 27 in hliam an tuar tin official in an phuang. Inn le lo tampi a siatsuah, a thaizing May 22 zinglam ah ling a hninsal. Southern Qinghai ah ling a hninsal nan mithi le hliamtuar report an um hrih lo.

China thuthang ah neta sawn linghnin in thil a siatsuah tam lo tin an tarlang. U.S. Geological Survey geophysicist Jonathan Tytell in “Linghnin veihnih cu pehtlaih awknak an nei lo” a ti.

Nikum 2020 ah China, Yunnan ramsung ah ling a hnin ih minung 4 an thi ih hliamtuar 23 an um. China ramsung ih linghnin nasa bik ṭum cu 2008 kum ah a si, Sichuan le Yunnan ramsung ah nasa zetin ling a hnin ih minung 90,000 zikte an thi.

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