China In Myanmar Theihai Ah Covid-19 Aum Le Um Lo A Zohdik Hnuah A Lei Ding

Covid-19 a ziaum deuh hnuah Myanmar ramsung ih theihai pawl cu China ramah an phurlut. Shan State, Muse ihsin an phurlut ṭheu. Tulai ah Myanmar ramsung ah Sai theihai a cut laitak a si ih China mipi pawl in an duh zet, 16kg cu 140 yuan in an lei.

Ahlan ah Myanmar theihai lakah Covid-19 siivai an kap ih an phurlut, Covid-19 siivai an kap ruangah theihai a siat phah hnuaihni, curuangah theihai neitu le China ṭuanvo neitu pawl an bia’aw ih Covid-19 siivai kap nawn lo dingin an lungkim.

An phurmi theihai lakah Covid-19 aum le um lo an check-up sawn dingih aum lo asilen an lei ding. Aum asilen motor khat ih an phurmi theihai zaten an urkang thluh ding tin hmin an khen.

Theihai ṭuanvo neitu in, “Tulai hi China ram ah theihai an phurlut nasa. Kumdang aiin a hlawk sawn ruangah a si lo, Myanmar ram sum thleng a tlaniam tuk ruangah China ram ih zuar hi a ziaum deuh” a ti.

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