Christmas Hlasak Thiam Hminthang Cu Christmas Siangpahrang Nu Tin An Ko Ih “Christmas Siangpahrang Nu Cu St. Mary A Si” Arak Ti

Kum 52 mi Mariah Carey cu leitlun ih Christmas hlasak thiam hminthang le Christmas hlaphuah thiam a si. Christmas hla tampi a phuah zo ih a sak rero zo.

1994 kum ah ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You‘ timi Christmas album a suah ih a hlawhtling zet. Tu’khalah ‘Fall In Love At Christmas’ timi album hrang hla a ngan rero lai ih Christmas cabu khal a ngan.

Hitin a hlawhtling zet ruangah mipi in ‘Christmas Siangpahrang nu’ tin cawimawinak an pe, asinan Mariah Carey in, “Kei ka hrangah cun Jesuh nu St. Mary hi Christmas Siangpahrang Nu a si, himi cawimawi cu amai ta a si” a ti.

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