CNDF Hnenah Ralkap Le Palik Cu Meithal Thawn An Tlanlut

Chin ram, Falam ramsung, Infantry (268) sakhan ih ralkap pakhat, Tibual Camp ih ralbawi pakhat le police bawi pakhat cu an ralthuam kimcang thawn CDM an tuah ih Chin National Defense Force (CNDF) hnenah an tlanlut.

CNO/CNDF khalin lungawi soparten an rak cohlang ih laksawng ah sumpai an pek hnuah hmunhimnak ah an kuat zo. September thla sungah police 8 le ralkap 2, zaten kom minung 10 cu CNDF hnenah an lut.

CNDF in “Dothlennak kan hlawhtling theinak dingah police le ralkap pawl cu nan kiang naivai ih um mipi kilhimtu pawl hnenah tlanlut uhla mipi thawn ding tlang uh sin” tin forhfiahnak an nei cih.

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