CNDF In Ralhrang 9 Hrawng An That

Kalaymyo, Natmyaung khua kiangah mipi ralkap CNDF tatmaha (1) le ralhrang pawl an kapaw ih a malbik ralhrang 9 an thih thu CNO in a phuang.

Zinglam nazi 10:30 hrawngah CNDF le ပကဖ pawl tangtlang in ralhrang pawl an va kap ih ralhrang (4) hrawng an thi.

Simlam nazi 5:30 hrawngah an kapaw sal ih cutawk ah amal bik ralhrang (5) an thi. Mipi ralkap lamah mithi le hliamtuar an um lo ih hlawhtling zetin an kirsal.

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