CNO/CNDF In Falam Khawpi Ih Um Electric Zung, Sipin Zung Le Siahpeknak Zung Pawl Ralrinnak An Pe

CNO/CNDF in Falam khuasung ih um zung pawl hnenah ralrinnak an pe ih an thlun lo asilen cangvaihnak an neih ding thu an theihter.

Chin National Organization: “Ralrin peknak: Chin Ramkulh, Falam khawpi ih um Electric zung, Sipin zung le Siahpeknak zung pawl, SAC Ralhrang pawl hrang sumpai nan hawlsak mi Leiram man, Tidai man, Electric man le Tender kawhnak pawl cawl thlang ding in ralrinnak kan lo pe.

Atlun ih ralrinnak pekmi nan thlunlo asile hmalaknak kan nei ding a si thu a hlankhan in kan lo theihter a si. Department of Information and Public Relations. Chin National Organization”

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