Covid-19 In Nat Dang A Hringsuak

Covid-19 in India ram a nuai ciamco ih mithi khal an tam zet zo, cutin an buai rero laiah Covid-19 in nat dang a hringsuak thu harhdamnak zung in an phuang. Mucormycosis nathrik a si ih Black Fungus tin an ko.

Covid-19 nathrik nei zo pawlin an kai awl cuang. Covid-19 nat nei ih damlo rei tuk, siizung boruak ṭha lo lakih um rei tuk le oxygen thianghlim lo hip pawlin Black Fungus nathrik cu an ngah awl cuang. Cun, damlonak dang neicia bese le cancer nat nei pawl khalin Black Fungus nathrik cu an ngah awl cuang.

Nathrik a langdan cu lei a dum, kaa sung le taksa a dum, a colour a dik lo. Taksa na, lungna, mit hnuailam a rit, hmai a thling, taksa, hnapti le taksa na pawl a si.

Covid-19 vekin a ṭihnung thotho ih thihhloh tong khal an um zo, asinan India cozah in Black Fungus in minung paziat ciah an thi zo ti cu official in a phuang hrih lo.

Hindustan Times in minung 219 zat an thi zo tin a tarlang ih India ramsung ah Black Fungus natnei 7,250 zat an um zo tin a tarlang.

Maharashtra state ah 2,000 aitam case hmuhsuah a si ih Gujarat ah 1,200 zat hmuhsuah a si tin Prime Minister Narendra Modi in official in a phuang zo. Covid-19 in nat dangdang a hringsuak zo ih Black Fungus nathrik hi a ṭihnung pawl a si, siivai lam mithiam pawlin Black Fungus nathrik ih thuhla cu an zingzoi rero lai.

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