Cyclone Thlisia Ṭihnung Zet Hrang Dingin A Pump Aw Un-O Lai, Myanmar Ram Khal A Hngawng Thei. Ramlak Ih Raltlan Pawl An Seherh Um

Bay of Bengal tipithuamthum sungah thlisia ṭihnung zet ‘Yaas’ cu hrangsuak dingin a pump aw un-o lai. National Weather Forecasting Centre of India Meteorological Department (IMD) pawlin May 26 zanṭim laiah a hrang thok ding ti an zum.

India ramsung a nuai nasa ding, abik in West Benga le Odisha ramsung a nuai ding ti an zum. Cun, ‘Yaas’ thlisia ruangah India ramsung ah ruah a cen dingih ṭek a tla ding, hmun dangdang ah thli nasa zetin a hrang ciamco ding.

‘Yaas’ thlisia ih thazang cu a cak zet ih 80% hrawngin a hrang ding, zingzoitu pawlin cyclone Amphan thawn an bangaw deuh an ti. May 2020 kum ah cyclone Amphan in south Bengal arak nuai ciamco zo ih minung 100 aitam an thi ih inn le lo tampi a siatsuah.

May 2020 ih cyclone Amphan thlisia hrang ṭum ah Myanmar ram arak hngawng ban zo. Tuiṭum ih ‘Yaas’ thlisia ruang khalah Myanmar ramsung a buai phah men thei tin Myanmar Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management zung in thu an phuang.

Mon State, Rakhine State, Ayeyarwady Division, Yangon Division, Bago Division le Tanintharyi Division pawlin a hngawng an tuar nasa ding.

Ruahpi a cen dingih thlisia a hrang ding, ti a lian dingih lei a min ding ruangah ramlakih raltlan pawl cu an seherh um zet ding ti a si. Kachin ramsung ahcun ralrinnak thu an thanaw rero zo.

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