Dr. Laltanpuia Thihcam Ah A Nupi Hremnak Thu An Phuang Ding

December 9, 2020 zan nazi 6:30 hrawngah Mizoram, Kulikawn veng sungih um Dr. Laltanpuia cu a nupi Mary Zothansangi in namte in a awm ah a dawt ih siizung ah an tlanpi nan a zan nazi 10:05 ah a hliamhma tuar loin mual a liam.

A nupi khal tualsung palik pawlin an hruaisuak hngal ih kumkhat zikte December 7, 2021 ah Mary Zothansangi cu court in tualthattu tin thiamlo an coter.

PC Section 302 le MLP Act Section 6 (2) hmangin thiamlo an coter ih a hremnak ding thu cu Dr Laltanpuia thihcam December 9, 2021 ah an phuang ding. IPC 302 ih thiamlo co pawl cu damsung thawngthlak le thihdaan khal orhter thei an si. {#Mizo Special Report}

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