Dr. Sasa “Thla In Camsaknak Zarah Ka Dam Ṭha Zo, Zalennak Ni Eng Mawi A Suak Cing Ding”

Dr. Sasa in “Duhdawtmi miralṭha, rualpi le sungkhat unau pawl nan zaten parah lungawithu ka lo sim duh. Thla malte sung ka rak damlo bese zet, asinan nan duhdawtnak le nan thlacamnak zarah ka dam ṭha thluh zo.

Nan duhdawtnak le nan thlacamnak ruangah ka dam ṭhasal, kan zaten tangtlang in nehnak kan co ding. Federal Democracy le zalennak lamzin ah kan feh rero lai, ziangtluk in khuathim khalsehla zalennak ni eng mawi a suaksal ding ti kan thei.

Zalennak ni eng mawi a tleu tikah cun khuathim cu a thuh theih lo ding, thazang kimcang in tlangsang par ka kaisal thei zo. Myanmar miralṭha pawl, nan hnenah ka um ringring ding. Nan zaten ka lo duhdawt, Pathian in lo thlausuah hram seh!”

Dear comrades, heroes, friends and family, I just want to take a moment to thank you all for your love and prayers that have helped me to fully recover from serious health challenges that i was suffering from during the past few months.

It’s your love and prayers that helped me recover from such ill health. Together we are are winning, and we are on our way to freedom and federal democracy. No matter how big the darkness is, you and I know that the light will ultimately and surely prevail.

There is no place for the darkness to hide when the light of freedom and inclusive federal democracy shines. Now I can once again climb up the peaks of the hills with full energy, and I am with you there, and will always be here with you the brave people of Myanmar. I love you all, and MAY GOD BLESS!

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