Fala Lalbuatsaihi In Nehnak A Co, Asia Boxing Championship 2021 Final A Lut

Asia Boxing Championship 2021 zuamawknak cu Dubai, UAE ah an tuah rero lai. Tuisun ah Mizoram boxer Lalbuatsaihi (Bs-i) le Kuwait boxer Noura Almutairi an thongaw ih Bs-i in second round-ah TKO in a neh. Final a lut ih silver medal cu a ngahcia.

Mizoram boxer lakah Asia Championship final lut thei a pahnihnak a si. Covid-19 thlisia ruangah ram ṭhenkhat ih boxer pawl an tel thei lo. India boxer hminthang Manipur mi Mary Kom khal tuiṭum an thongawknak ah a lang ve ding. Kum 38 mi Mary Kom in World Champion vei-5 rori arak ngah zo.

Lalbuatsaihi (Bs-i) cu Mizoram, Aizawl Tuithiang veng ih um a si, 2019 kum ah World Police Meet zuamawknak ah a tel ih India ram hrang Gold a tlunpi thei.

India ram aiawh in vei tampi a fehsuak zo, Covid-19 ruangah duh vekin boxing practice-nak caan anei thei lo nan taksa cangvaihnak cu a tuah ringring ih Asia Boxing Championship 2021 ah a tel.

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