Fala Pawlin A Tualthat Thuhla Khal Ruat Nawn Loin A Hmelṭha Tuk An Rak Ti

Kum 17 mi Cameron Herrin in 2018 kum ah motor in nufa a pahthat, Jessica Reisinger le a fanu kum 1 mi Lillia cu motor in a pah that.

Jessica tei nufa cu Tampa lamzin an kaan laiah Cameron Herrin in a pahsual ih an nunnak a liam, kum 3 hnu 2021 ah Cameron Herrin cu thiamlo coter a si ih kum 21 sung thawngtla dingin a thuhla an ṭhencat.

A lawyer in a nauhak lai ih a thilsual tuahmi khalah a siraw tuk tin a thawngtla kum cu ṭhum deuh dingin a dilsak lai, cutin court ih a thuhla an rel lai cu online parah an langter ih fala pawlin an rak uar zet.

“A mit a mawi in zoh a rem tuk, a hmelṭha tuk ih thawngtla ding ahcun a uium tuk” an ti, ṭhenkhat in “Ka nu! misual ka ngaihzawng zo” tin a tualthat thuhla khal thei nawn loin an comment celcel.

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