Falam Covid-19 in Mi Pakhat Thi Bet

Chinram, Lairawn ah Covid-19 thlisia a hrang rero lai ih nitinten mithi le damlo thuhla theih ding aum ringring.

Falam siizungpi ih Covid-19 minaa pakhat, Cinmual vengih um Locom khuami Pu Sui Ceu (kum 67) cu tui’ zaanlam (June 13, 2021) nazi 3:00 pm hrawng ah a thi ih volunteer pawl in siizung ihsin thlanmual ah an vui cih tiah theih a si.

Siizungpi OPD ih cazin vekin tuni ah Balai veng le Tlanglo vengih nunau pahnih hnen ah Covid-19 nathrik an tong bet. Falam Siizung ah June thla sungah Covid minaa 54 an um thlang ih mithi 3 an um zo. (Falam Community Media)

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