Hliamhma Ruangah Mopa In Kor A Hruh Thei Lo

Kutsihnak cu zocio khalin mawi zetin an hmang duh, asinan Indonesian tlangval cu nupi a neih ni ah hnipuan a hruh ve thei lo. Mithmai hlim lo zetin an neiaw thotho.

East Java ih um fala le tlangval hi duhdawt aw zet an si, neiaw dingin ziangkim an tawlrel thluh zo. An neihawk hlan ni 4 duh ah mopa in bike accident a tong ih a taksa ah hliamhma a khat.

Curuangah hnipuan a hruh thei lo. A taksa hliamhma ruangah kutsihnak thulhsal cu an duh cuang lo ih “Thihnak lo cun in áš­hen hlah seh” tin an neiaw.

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