Ihkhun Par Zuknung Cang Ṭheu Cu Thicia In An Sar

Kum 31 mi Dahlia Sky cu nupa-sinak zuknung cang ṭheu a si ih a hminthang zet. 2010 ihsin puitling zuknung cannak pawlkom ah a lut ih Bailey Blue timi hmin hmangin zuknung sungah a lang.

US, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley ih um a si ih June 30, 2021 zanah thicia in an sar. A motor sungah thicia in an sar ih a lu ah meithal kahnak hliamhma aum.

Los Angeles County Medical Examiner cun ‘amah le mah a kapaw that’ an ti. Asinan, a thihnak hi official in an phuang hrih lo ih autopsy results an hngak lai.

Dahlia Sky hi pawhte cancer nei a si ih a cancer cu a bese deuhdeuh ruangah stage 4 a thleng zo, a hnaṭuannak lamin ‘Tulai cu a natnak ruangah a thinhar, beidong thei tuk ih a zangfah um tuk’ an ti.

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