June 12, Falam Ah Covid-19 Minaa Thar 7 Hmu Bet

Falam siizungpi ih OPD ah tuni (June 12, 2021) ah Covid-19 positive minaa thar 7 an hmu bet.

OPD ih Rapid test kit thawn an zohfelnak ah; June 1 ah mi 7, June 2 ah mi 4, June 3 ah mi 3, June 4 ah 8, June 5 ah 1, June 6 ah 2, June 7 ah 2, June 8 ah 4, June 9 ah 2, June 10 ah 8, June 11 ah 1 le June 12 ah 7 tin zatekom 52 an hmu zo.

Falam peng sung (Rihkhawdar le Laikhua pawl tel in) ah May 20 – June 12, 2021 tiang Covid-19 nat neitu mipum 174 an hmu ih mithi 2 a um. Mi 15 pawl siizung an țum saal zo ih atu ah siizung ih a taangmi 157 an um tiah theih a si.

Covid-19 nat pianhmang pawl a simi taksaa, khuhkhuh, thawsam, rim thei nawn lo tivek a cangih mah le mah a rinhlelh awtu pawl cun Falam siizungpi ah zinglam nazi 10:00 – 11:00 tiang a lak (free) in Covid nei le nei lo zohfel sak ringring a si. (Chinland Herald)

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