Kalaymyo Ah Zo Ti Theih Lo Hriamkai Pawlin Hnawmhne Phur Motor 3 An Lonsak

March 29, 2022 sun nazi 2:00 hrawngah Kalaymyo ah zo ti theih lo hriamkai pawlin hnawmhne sam, phur motor 3 cu an rak lonsak.

Development Affairs Committee pawl ih hnawmhne phurnak motor a si. Dam lilawnpi kiangah hmin theih lo hriamkai mi 9 in motor pathum cu an rak lonsak, motor mawngtu pathum ih mobile phone le sumpai 105,000 hrawng khal an laksak hnuah an tlanhlo.

Ramsung a buai hnuah Kalaymyo ramsung ah suamhmang, rukru le tualthatnak a pung ciamco tin The Chin World thuthang sungah an tarlang.

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