Kalaymyo Ralhrang Sakhan Ihsin Suak Ralhrang Motor Bomb In An Rak Puah Ih Ralhrang (5) An Thi

July 23, 2022 zinglam nazi 7:00 hrawngah Kalaymyo ralhrang sakhan ihsin suak ralhrang motor pakhat cu tualsung mipi ralkap Operation MoMo pawlin bomb in veihnih an rak puah ih a hmun ah ralhrang 5 an thi ih hliamtuar khal an um.

Cumi hnuah ralhrang motor in thingkung ava pah ngah, ralhrang motor cu sakhan sungah an dirlut sal. Bomb in ralhrang motor an puah hnuah ralhrang pawl cu family motor in Kalaymyo khuasung ah an vakkual ih hrosuannak ah meithal an kap ciamco.

Bago, Nattalin peng, Kyet Ma Net khua ih um ralhrang sakhan khal Bago Region PDF pawlin an kap.

July 23 zingpit nazi 1:00 hrawng ah Bago Region PDF pawlin ralhrang sakhan cu an va kap ciamco ih ralhrang 3 an thi ih hliamtuar 2 an um. Minute 20 sung an kahawk hnuah hliamtuar um loin Bago Region PDF pawl cu an kirsal thu Phoenix D-F Nattalin in an phuang.

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