KAWLRAM: Pheldarh thei? Pu No Than Kap

Mihrek in tui Kawlram buainak hi Syria dinhmun rapthlak le ṭihnung vek a thleng thei, tin an zum. Taktak ah Syria hnakin a luar sawn thei.

Buainak reh thei loin a peh vivo ih Tlangmi hriamhrei kai Pawlpi 18 in buainak ah an telve taktak ahcun Kawlram a pheldarh thluh thei.

SYRIA: 2011 kumah, an President duh lo duhphawrhnak an nei. Cozah le mipi lakah nasaten an buai, an kapawknak ah an khawpi tam sawn a siatbal, milai 380,000 an thi zo ih a thi lakah nauhak 25,000 an tel. An buai deuhdeuh ramdang an telve deuhdeh. Kum 10 a kim thlangih tutiang a dai thei nawn lo.

IN ENGLISH, Many human-rights activists and foreign pundits have expressed the fear that Myanmar could become another Syria. But they are naïve and wrong. A Myanmar that cannot find peace and reconcile with its own people and ethnic groups would be in a far worse situation than Syria.

If the conflict continues, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar would be torn apart in minutes if the 18 ethnic armed groups decided to rise up and defend their longstanding missions and fight back. Kavi Chongkittavorn. Ref: Thirteen Warnings for Myanmar Junta..

No.6 SYRIA: A peaceful uprising in 2011 against the president of Syria 10 years ago turned into a full-scale civil war. The conflict has left more than 380,000 people dead, and about 25,000 of them were children. It devastated cities and drawn in other countries.

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