Kinma Khua Le Tlansuak Thei Lo Pawl Cu Vutcam Ah An Cang Thluh

June 15, 2021 ah ralkap in Kinma khuasen in an urkang ih tuizing June 16 ah ṭhenkhat in an va zohnai cu vutcam ah an rak cang thluh.

An thilri ziangkim cu vutcam ah an cang. Inn sungih an khum mi tlansuak ve thei lo pitar, putar, damlo pawl khal an ruang hmuh ding um loin an hloral thluh.

Kum 36 mi khuasung mi in “Ka pi khal a tel, ralkap pawl an ra ti kan theih veten kan tlansuak. Tlansuak thei lo ka pi cu innsung ah kan tan. Tuizan ei ding, thaisun ei ding rawl pawl cu kan tuahsak thluh cia ih inn lenglam ihsin tawh in kan kalh. Asinan kan inn an urkang ih ka pi khal a kang that” a ti.

Kinma khua ah inn 250 an um ih mipum 1000 lenglo an khuasa. Hitin ralkap pawlin an inn le lo an va urkannak cu an khua kangih dalan pawl an that ruangah si an zum.

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