Korea Zuknung ‘Train to Busan’ Cu Mirang Zuknung ‘The Last Train to New York’ Tin An Cang

2016 kum ih an tlangthan mi South Korea zuknung ‘Train to Busan’ cu leitlun huap in a lar, minung saei zombie zuknung a si. Cumi hnuah zuknung ih a peh ‘Peninsula’ cu 2020 kum ah an tlangthan ih an hlawhtling thotho.

Tu’ah mirang zuknung khawvel hollywood in an cangsal ih zuknung hmin ah ‘The Last Train to New York’ ti a si.

Warner Bros. Pictures in zuknung hi an tuah rero lai ih April 21, 2023 ah tlangthan thei dingin an zuam. The Train To New York zuknung tawlreltu cu Indonesian zuknung director thiam Timo Jayantho a si.

TheTrain To New York zuknung thuanthu ngantu cu thlahrang zuknung Annabelle le The Nun thuanthu ngantu Gary Dauberman a si. The Train To New York lemcangtu pawl cu an phuang hrih lo, mipi in ‘Train to Busan’ lemcangtu South Korea minta Gong Yoo in lem a cang lo ahcun kan zoh lo ding’ an ti.

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