Kum 200 Tiang Nungdam Theinak Siivai An Tuah Rero Lai

British scientist pawlin kum 200 tiang nungdam theinak siivai an tuah rero lai. Minung titsa sungih um ‘zombie cells’ timi cu minung thazang control-tu bik a si, upat hnuah minung thazang a malter vivo ṭheu. Himi ‘zombie cells’ uktu ding, siatsuahtu ding siivai phunkhat an tuah rero lai.

An siivai cu ritheihsii phunkhat hmangin an tuah ih tu hnu thangkhat hnuah an tlangthan thei ding ti an zum. Cumkheng hi kum 150 sung an nungdam thei, cumkheng phunkhat Adwaita timi cumkheng pawl cu kum 255 tiang an nungdam thei.

Himi cumkheng pawl ih nungdam theinak cu zingzoinak ah an hmang, siivai an tuahmi cu zinghnam hnenah zohdiknak an nei ih a ṭhat thu an hmu. Minung lakih an hmannak ding cu a rei zet lai ding.

‘Ageless: The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old‘ timi cabu ngantu Dr Steele in, “Siivai phunphun kan zingzoi ih kan tuah, kan kum le thazang control-tu hrangah siivai kan rak tuah dah lo. Kum 200 tiang nungdam theinak ding siivai kan tuah rero lai. Kan tuah hlawhtling thei kem maw ti cu kan thei hrih lo” a ti.

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