Kumkhat Sung 2021 Ah KNU In Ralbawi Telin Ralhrang 1,364 An That >>>

Kumkhat sung 2021 ah ralhrang le Karen ralkap KNLA cu vei 2,692 zat an doaw ih ralhrang 1,364 zat an thi ih hliamtuar 1,313 an um thu KNU in an ngankhum. Mipi kilhimtu KNLA ralkap 30 an thi ve ih 105 in hliamhma an tuar tin an tarlang.

Min Aung Hlaing in ramsung thuneihnak a lak hnu February 1, 2021 ihsin December tiang ah ralhrang le KNLA pawl cu nasa zetin an kapaw ciamco.

Ralhrang thi lakah ralkap pawl hohatu (1), Battalion Commander (3), Battalion kaihruaitu (14), ralbawi sangtu (1), ralbawipi (1), Sergeant (1) le Sergeant sangtu (1) pawl cu mipi kilhimtu in an that.

KNLA lam khalah Battalion Commander (1), Deputy Commander (1), Major (2), Sergeant pi (2), Sergeant (3) telin mipi kilhimtu ralkap 30 an thi.

Kumkhat sung an doawknak ah ralhrang pawlin bomb le pukpi in khuasung inn le lo cu vei 2,000 lenglo in an kap siat ih khuasung mi 12 an thi, 42 in hliamhma an tuar. November thla 2021 sung lawng an doawknak ah KNLA in ralhrang motor 47 an siatsuah thu pawl cu KNU in an tarlang.

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