Leilung Hnuai Ihsin Ramsa Tumpi A Suak Ding !!!

Hmailam caan ihsin ra tlawng (Time Traveller) in “Rapthlak zetin ling a hnin dingih leilung hnuai ih um ramsa tumpi a suak ding” tin a phuang.

Kawhi Leonard cu amah le mah hi ‘Time Traveller’ a tiaw ih hmailam caan ih thilthleng ding pawl arak hmucia thluh thu a rel.

Kawhi Leonard in, “July 14 ah America ramsung ah rapthlak zetin ling a hnin ding. August 9 ah 2 million minung an hlo thutthi ding.

October 3, 2022 ah ramsa tumpi, hmin theih dah lo mi cu leilung hnuai ihsin ara suak ding. A ṭihnung tuk ding, rak ralring cio uh” a ti. Online mipi ṭhenkhat in an zum ih ṭhenkhat in an zum lo.

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