Leitlun Ih Mi Ṭihnung Bik In ‘The Rock’ Thawn Sualaw Dingin A Ngiar

Kum 39 mi Martyn Ford cu leitlun ih mi ṭihnung bik an timi a si, MMA fighters pawl training petu a si ih bodybuilder khal a si. Zuknung sung khalah a tel ṭheu, a sanglam hi feet 6 le inch 8 in a sang.

April 2, 2022 ah Iran Mitumpi thawn an sualaw ding, ziangkim an tawlrel thluh zo ih an sualawk ding caan lawng an hngak lai. Himi an sualawk hnuah Martyn in leitlun ih wrestling misual thiam hminthang The Rock thawn sualawk a duh thu a phuang.

Martyn in, “The Rock thawn sualawk ka cak tuk. Anih khal misual thiam hminthang a si, wrestling sualawknak tualrawn ih thanglian a si ih kan sualawk asilen sualawknak ropi zet a si ding” a ti.

Kum 49 mi Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) cun zianghman a letsawng hrih lo, leitlun mipi pawl khalin an pahnih in sualaw hai seh tin saduh an thah rero.

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