Leitlun Ih Mi Ṭihnung Bik Le Iran Pa Tumpi An Sualaw Ding

Kum 39 mi Martyn Ford cu ‘leitlun ih mi ṭihnung bik’ timi a si, kum reipi sung MMA training petu a si. ‘Iranian Hulk’ timi tlangval kum 29 mi Sajad Gharibi thawn an sualaw ding thu an phuang. Hnakum April 2, 2022 ah UK khawpi ah an sualaw dingih mipi in an hngakhlap zet. Ticket khal rak leicia a ngah zo.

An pahnih in milar hminthang veve an si ih Goliath Vs Goliath an sualaw thlang ding tin an phuang. Iranian Hulk in Instagram ah thluntu 580,000 zat anei ih Ford in 3.1 million anei.

Martyn Ford hi kum reipi sung MMA figter pawl training petu a si nan amah in mi a sual dah lo. Nikum ah Ford in UFC president Dana White hnenah “UFC sualawknak ah super heavyweight pawl khal tel ding an si.

Taksa pumrua te takte le mitawl zetzet pawl ih sual’awk lawng zoh cu ka ning tuk” tin ca a kuat. Tu’ahcun ‘Iranian Hulk’ thawn an sualaw thlang ding, Martyn Ford hi 6ft 8 inches in a sang ih Sajad Gharibi cu 6ft 2 inches in a sang. Martyn Ford hi a sang sawn nan kum ahcun Sajad Gharibi hi a no sawn, kum 10 in an thlau’aw.

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