Lulu Aung In Raltlan Pawl Hrangah Ks.1,000,000 A Hlu

Myanmar Super Model hminthang Lulu Aung in raltlan pawl ih hmang dingah Ks.1,000,000 zat a hlu. Lulu Aung cu a ruangrai a ṭha in a hmuihmel a mawi ruangah a lar zet, cangvaihdan a thiam tuk ruangah mipi in an uar thei zet.

Lulu Aung in mibawmtu pawlkom Concern, Care and Contribute to the IDPs NOW hnenah sumpai a pe ih a ṭulnak hmun ih hmang dingah a ti.

CCC Team in “Mipi duhdawt zet mi super-model Lulu Aung in raltlan pawl hrangah Ks.1,000,000 zat arun hlu ih lungawi soprten kan cohlang.

A hlumi sumpai pawl cu Kachin ramsung ih um raltlan pawl le tlawngta pawl ih an ṭulmi siivai leinak ah kan hmang ding. Lulu Aung le an innsang pawlin thlausuah co vivo hram seh tin duksaknak kan hlan” tin an tarlang.

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