Manny Pacquiao In ‘Myanmar Ram Hrang Thlacamnak Ah Ra Telve Uh’ Tin Leitlun Mipi Pawl A Sawm

Leitlun ih boxing thiam hminthang pakhat Manny Pacquiao (kum 42) in leitlun mipi pawl hnenah ‘Myanmar ram hrang thlacam uh’ tin a sawm.

Manny Pacquiao hi zumtu pacang ṭha a si ih miharsa pawl a bawm ringring, Philippines ram hruaitu upa khal a si.

Manny Pacquiao in “Ka innsang pawl thawn zanlam thlacamnak kan neih zik zawngah kum 21 mi Keith Absalon cu bomb puak in a thi ti ka thei.

Myanmar ramsung buainak ah siarcawk lo mithi an um zo. Myanmar ram hrang le leitlun pumpi hrang thlacamnak ah ra telve uh” tin a tarlang.

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