Mee In Vok Vek, Minung Vek Fa A Hring

November 2, 2018 kum ah Philippines ramsung ah mee in fa danglam zet anei, a fate pakhat cu minung vek, vok vekin a piang ih tuini tiang leitlun mifim, mithiam pawlin ziang a si ti an theisuak thei hrih lo.

Sultan Kudarat khuate ah meepi in fate pathum anei ih pakhat cu danglam zetin a piang, cun a fate 2 le hringtu a nu cu an thi cih. An khua mipi pawl cu mee fate zoh duh ah an inn ah an va feh ciamco ih an ṭih tuk.

Ṭhenkhat in khuasia fa a si ding an ti, kum 40 mi Josephine Repique in “Vok vek, minung vek a si. A nu le a suahpi pahnih cu an thi cih, vengsung mipi pawl cu mee fate ra zoh dingin kan inn ah an ra thluh.

Ziang rannung a si ti zohman in an thei lo, mee cu asilo. A ṭihnung tuk, camsiatmi a si thei ih kan innsang ah siatnak a thleng pang ding ti kan phang zet” a ti.

Philippines, Institute of Animal Science of the University ih sibawi thiamsang Dr Agapita Salces in “A nui pum sungih aum laiah thansualnak anei si ding. Asilole a nu in a pai laiah Rift Valley fever timi damlonak anei si ding, Rift Valley fever cu meikeu ih keunak ihsin a suakmi natnak cikhat a si. Rift Valley fever in a damlo ruangah a pum sungih um naute khal a siatsuah a si thei” a ti.

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