Meithal Leinak Ding Sumpai Ting 200 A Tlanhlohpi

Ralhrang pawl donak dingah DRPA in meithal lei an tum ih tlawngta pakhat in arak bum, an sumpai ting 200 le pistol pakhat a tlanhlohpi. Panglong University of Technology ih tlawngta pawl hotu pakhat Sai Htet Aung a si. May 15 tiangah simfiang awknak a neih lo ruangah an thangsiat ih tlawngkai thei nawn lo dingin an tarlang.

Nikum 2021 November thla ah DRPA in meithal lei dingin sumpai an kuat ih a hlo lanta. March 2022 ah an pehtlaih theisal ih Sai Htet Aung in meithal lei a tumnak ah bum a tong thu a sim thei.

DRPA thuphuangtu in, “Bum a tong ve thu in sim, bum a tondan cu relfiang dingin kan ko nan tuni tiang a relfiang aw thei lo. A san um lo, in bum ti cu a fiang tuk” a ti. DRPA in relfiang aw dingin theihternak an pe ih a pa in a relfiang aw ding a ti nan tuini tiang a relfiangaw hrih lo.

DRPA in amah thawn pehtlaihaw tu pawl hnenah theihternak an pe ih, “Hitin thil nan tuah asilen nan meithal, thilri pawl nan ngah nawn lo ding. Nan ngahsal duh asilen ngaithiam in dil uh” an rak ti sawn. Meithal leinak ding sumpai ting 200 cu DRPA pawlkom ta lawng asilo, midang pawlkom thawn sumpai an thawhkhawmmi a si.

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