Mifim Pawlin ‘April Thla Ih Suak Pawl Cu An Itum Hleice’ An Ti

Leitlun mifim Scientific pawlkom FROM MARS in leitlun ih mi itum pawl ih suah thla an zingzoi vivo hnuah April thla ih suak an tambik’ tin an phuang.

April thla ih suak na si ahcun na itum zet ding ti zum aum. An zingzoi dan cu leiltun ih milar hminthang itum zetzet 500 an hril khawm ih an thla suah pawl an zoh tikah April thla ih suak an rak tam bik.

Milar, itum zetzet ṭhenkhat April thla ih suak pawl cu Michael Fassbender, Emma Watson le Wonder Woman cangtu Gal Gadot pawl an si.

A pahnihnak ah August thla ih suak pawl an si ih pathumnak ahcun February thla ih suak pawl an si.

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