Min Aung Hlaing In A Birthday Lawmnak Ah Thawngtla Pawl A Suahsal Ding

June 30, 2021 ah ralkap pawlin Myanmar ramsung thawngtla 2000 lenglo an rak suah zalen, asinan CDM tuah cozah hnaṭuan, lawyer, NLD upa, thuthang latu le mipi ṭhenkhat cu an suah lo. Min Aung Hlaing ih Birthday cu July 3 a si, Nay Pyi Taw ah hlunghlai zetin lawmnak puai an tuah tum.

A birthday lawmnak ah thawngtla pawl khal a suahsal tum tin a lawyer in a rel. July 5 khalah thawngtla dang an suah vivo tum ti a si, paziat ciah an suah ding ti cu theih a si hrih lo ih a ni lawngah theih a si ding. BAP media in thawnginn lam ṭuanvo neitu pawl thu an va sut ih zianghman an rak sim thei hrih lo.

Myanmar rampi daan vekin Min Aung Hlaing cu kum 60 a kim ah khan pension la ding a si nan a pension duh lo ruangah Myanmar daanhrampi cu a rem, kum 65 tiang ralkap ṭuan thei dingin a rem.

Myanmar mipi hriltling mi NLD cozah lal lai sehla cun tui July 3 ihsin Min Aung Hlaing cu a pension ding, asinan thuneihnak cu a kutsung ah aum zo ih ziangtik ah a pension ding ti cu zohman in an rel thei lo.

Ṭhenkhat in pension a duh lo ruangah NLD kutsung ta thuneihnak a lonsak a si ding ti zumnak an nei. (Mirang ca ih siar duh hrang): Military Council leader plans to free more detainees on his birthday. The Military Council leader who ousted the civilian government with power is planning to release more arrestees on his 65th birthday, told lawyers who are assisting detainees.

“As far as I can tell, another batch of detainees will be released on July 3. Some more will be released on July 5. The number of detainees will be known on those days,” a lawyer who doesn’t want his name mentioned.

BAP contacted the Prison Department but they were unable to answer. The Military Council leader Min Aung Hlaing will turn 65 on July 3. The Commander-in-Chief’s term will end on that day if the democratically elected government is still in power.

He seized power on February 1, overthrowing the civilian government with unsubstantiated allegations about 2020 general elections. The senior general lifted the age limit for his position after he had made an amendment to the law.

There is no limit to his power as a result of the amendment. Nobel laureate, the country’s leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi spent her 76th birthday in detention on June 19. However, people across the country staged a ‘flower strike’, marking her birthday.

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