Min Aung Hlaing In Doawknak Tualrawn Ih Um Ralkap Pawl Ih Phone Laksak Thluh Dingin Thu A Suah

Doawknak hmunram sungih um ralkap pawl ih phone cu laksak thluh dingin ralbawi pawlin thu an suah. Tulai hi tlangpar hriamkai, PDF le ralkap pawl doawknak hi a nasa tuk ih ralkap lam mithi le hliamtuar khal an tam thei zet.

Cuvek dinhmun ih an um ruangah ralbawi pawlin an kuthnuai ih um ralkap pawl ih phone cu an laksak thluh tum, nihnih sungah an phone cu laksak thluh dingin thu an suah. Doawknak tualrawn ah ralkap thih thuhla le hliamtuar thuhla cu hmundang ih um ralkap pawlin an theihlonak dingah le ralkap ihsin an tlansuah theilonak dingah tin ruahsannak thawn an phone cu laksak thluh an tum.

Hmainortu ralkap pawl cu hnaset in ral an doter tum. Himi thuhla cu Chindwin News Agency in rintlakmi ralkap pakhat tlansuak tum hnen ihsin an theihmi thuhla a si. “Cinghnia lakih um tuu na si maw?” tin an sut ih “Si lo, hitawk hmun ah tuu tampi an um, asinan zianghman kan tuah thei lo” a ti.

EXCLUSIVE: Myanmar military is taking phones away from its soldiers stationed in the western side of the country amidst the increasingly high number of casualties for the regime army in almost all clashes with both ethnic armed groups and people defense forces across the country.

Chindwin has learned that the military council had given its soldiers two days of notice before taking away their phones, stating that many are planning to escape. A credible source, who gives Chindwin permission to report, was speaking to a soldier who wishes to leave. When asked, “are you the sheep in the wolf pack?” he replied, “No, there are so many sheep, and we can’t do anything.” According to the source, most soldiers want to run away.

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