Min Aung Hlaing In, “Hnaṭuantu Cun Thlahlawh An Ngah Ding” A Ti

July 31, 2022 ah ralhrang pawl meeting poimawh zet an nei ih ramsung uknak cu thla 6 sung an la bet ding thu an phuang.

2008 daanhrampi ah ramsung a buai ih zohman in an control thei lo asilen ralkap in uknak a la dingih tumkhat ah thla 6 sung rampi an hruai dingih tumhnih an kaihruai thei ding. Cumi hnuah rampi remṭhatnak ah thla 6 sung caan an la thei ding’ tin aum.

Min Aung Hlaing in, “Ralkap in ramsung uknak a lak hnu February 2021 ihsin May 2022 tiang sumdawngnak ah US dollars 1.14 billion kan ngah thei. Thla 6 sungah ramsung sumdawngnak thangso dingin kan zuam ding.

Thla 6 sungah hnaṭuannak phunphun aum dingih hnaṭuantu cun thlahlawh an ngah ding. Rampi thansonak cu ramsung lawngah aum, ramsung thazang hmangin rampi thangso dingah kan zuam ding” a ti.

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