Mipa In Fa A Nei, ‘Mother’s Day’ Hmin Hi Thleng Danglam Dingin A Ngen

May 8, 2022 ah leitlun huap Nu’i Ni (Mother’s Day) an hmang ih hringtu nu pawl hnenah upat cawimawinak phunphun an hlan.

Australia mipa Norrie cu kum 28 mi a si laiah surgery a tuahaw ih fa a nei. Capoimawh an ngannak ah ‘mipa & nunau’ tinak ah ‘midang’ tin ngantel dingin 2014 kum ah court ah a thehlut ih nehnak a co.

Australia ramsung ah 2018-2019 kum sungah mipa 22 in fa an nei zo. Norrie in, “Mother’s Day cu nunau hrang lawng a si. Mother’s Day aiah nau hringtu, nau kilkhawitu ni ‘Nurturer’s Day’ tin thleng danglam ding a si” a ti.

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