Mipi Ralkap Unau Hnih Cu Ralhrang Pawlin An Kai Ih An That

Magway, Myaing ramsung ah mipi ralkap le ralhrang pawl cu ni 4 sung an kap aw ciamco ih mipi ralkap 4 an thi. July 25 ihsin July 31 tiang an kap aw ih ralhrang thi le hliamtuar khal an tam zet.

July 30 sun ah mipi ralkap unau hnih cu ralhrang pawlin an kai ih rapthlak zetin an that. July 27 sun khalah ralhrang pawlin mipi ralkap pahnih an kai ih an that.

į¹¬uanvo neitu in, “An thihnak a san bik cu meithal cerek daihawk lo ruangah a si, meithal cerek aum lo ruangah an kai. An ka an tawnbet ih an nunglai in an urkang” a ti.

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