Mithi Vuinak Ihsin Tlung Ralbawi Cu Motor In A Pah That

Bago, Pyay lamzin parah ralbawi pakhat cu motor in a pah that. Captain Yan Naing cu bike thawn mithi vuinak ah a feh ih a tlunlam ah cansualnak a tong.

March 24, 2022 zinglam nazi 11:00 hrawngah Pyay lamzinpi ah bike a mawng, a hmai ih tlan motor cu tlanpel tum in a helkual zawngah khatlam ah motor cakpin ara tlan ih hmaiton in an pahaw dupdi. Captain Yan Naing cu a hmun ah a thi hngal.

Tualsung mi pakhat in, “Captain Yan Naing cu Pyay khuasung ah a duty, mithi vuinak ah ava feh ih a tlunlam ah cansualnak a tong” a ti. March 22, 2022 simlam khalah Kalaymyo, ralhrang siizung ih siibawipi Chan Myae Maung cu hridai thawn a thlaiaw that.

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