Mizo Student’s Union (MSU) In Lairawn Hrang Oxygen Concentrator An Hlu

Covid-19 natsia in Chin mipi tlanlennak Kalay Khabaw cu a nuai ciamco ih damlo le mithi an tam zet zo.

Oxygen haidaih awklonak ruangah mithi khal an tam zet, ziangtik tiang mikhual duhum lo zet Covid-19 cu Kalaymyo ah a cam lai ding tilen theih a si lo.

Kalaymyo in Oxygen an ṭul zet ti thei in Mizo Student’s Union (MSU) in Oxygen Concentrator an run hlu cu a lungawi um tuk. “MSU in Lairawn hrang Oxygen Concentrator an hlu.

Mizo Student’s Union (MSU) in Myanmar Refugee Relief Committee Mizoram (MRRCM) hnenah, Lairawn ih hman ding Oxygen Concentrator pakhat an hlu a si” tin Awnmawi Zuun ah an tarlang.

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