Mizoram Ah Pacang Pakhat In Bomb In A Nupi A Thihchilh

Mizoram, Lunglei khua ah pacang pakhat in a nupi cu bomb in a thihchilh thu theih a si. Chanmari veng ih um kum 61 mi Pi Lalthianghlimi cu HPC Office Lunglei kiangah rawlhmeh zuar in a to.

A pasal thawn an ṭhenawk laitak a si, October 5 sun nazi 12:15 hrawngah a pasal Pu Rohmingliana in ava pal ih a kiangah a to.

Pi Lalthianghlimi ih fanu, a kiangih rawlhmeh zuar ve in a reldan in “An rawlhmeh zuarnak ah Pu Rohminga cu ava feh ih Pi Thianghlimi hnenah kuak in zialsak aw a ti. Kuak cu a fawp ih “Ka um a nuam lo, ka khua a sik deuh ti phahin Pi Thianghlimi cu a zawn thutthi ih a puak hngal a ti.

A nu le a pasal Pu Rohmingliana hi thlakhat liamcia hrawng ihsin an ṭhenaw zo tin a rel. Civil Hospital ah an tlanpi nan Pi Thianghlimi cu a thi hngal, Pu Rohminga khal neta ah a thih thu theih a si. An ruak cu Thiltlang ah an phurso ding ti a si. (#Mizo Special Report)

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