Myanmar In Russia Le China Ta Covid-19 Siivai A Lei Ding

Covid-19 natsia in Myanmar ramsung a nuai ciamco ruangah Myanmar harhdamnak zung in Russia le China ta Covid-19 khamsii lei dingin a bia. Leiaw dingin an biarem aw zo ih a rei hlanah a thleng cing ding.

Russian ta Spunink vaccine bur 7 million a cat ih China thawn khal an biaaw rero lai. A rei hlanah Sputnik V le Sputnik Light vaccines khal aum cing ding thu theih a si.

Myanmar in India ram ta COVISHIELD cu bur 30 million lei dingin hmin an khen zo nan Covid-19 in India ram a nuai ciamco ruangah an kuatsuak thei hrih lo.

India in a siivai cu ramdang ih kuatsual sal a siang veten Myanmar ram cu a kuat hmaisabik ding ti a si. May 29 tiangah Myanmar mipi 1.4 million zatin Covid-19 khamsii kimten an dawt zo, 1.8 million zatin veikhatnak an dawt zo tin harhdamnak zung in a tarlang.

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