Myanmar In Thailand Hnenah Ngaihdam A Dil

Myanmar-Thailand ramri ah ralhrang le mipi ralkap pawl an kap aw ciamco. June 30, 2022 sun ah ralhrang le Karen ralkap pawl an kap aw, cumi hnuah ralhrang pawlin doawknak vanzam MiG-29 an hmang ih bomb an thlak, tualsung mipi pawl cu sahimnak hawl in Thailand ramsung ah an tlanlut.

Himi ralhrang pawl ih vanzam cu Thailand ramsung ah a zamlut ih reilote sung Thailand vansang boruak ah a zamkual. Cumi hnuah Thailand vanzam pahnih F-16 doawknak vanzam cu ramri vansang boruak ah an zam ve ih ramri an kil.

Ralhrang pawl vanzam cu Thailand ramsung ih a lut ruanagh Thailand ṭuanvo neitu pawl an lungawi lo ih Myanmar ṭuanvo neitu pawl an phone ih Myanmar ralkap vanzam pawl uktu in ngaihdam arak dil.

Thailand PM Prayut Chan-o-cha in, “Myanmar in ngaihdam in dil ih neta ah hivek thil a thleng nawn lo ding tin in tiamkam zo. Himi thilthleng cu thupi zet ih kan ruat asilen buainak a sosang thei. Thil thupi ciamco a si lo. Myanmar ram thawn kan pehtlaih awknak cu a ṭha lai. Ram pahnih karlak ah thil a thleng asilen kan bia aw ṭheu” a ti.

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